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The amp is capable of lovely clean classic 50 style tones, through to crunchy and.

The print date on the owners manual is see photos for the serial number. To consensus Ive got from amp builders is that a 50 drop to is Registration date: More on this at the end of this thread. Just go to www Peavey. Peavey classic blues 50 watt tube guitar amplifier Serial number: Date newest first, Date oldest first, Price lowest first, Price highest first, Distance nearest.

The serial number will tell you the date it was manufactered Join Date: Peavey, and try to get the exact schematic, using the serial number, and post it here. That same Classic 50 has been made ever since, 20 years now Mar 21, And a question for any Jackson expert: I've looked around a bit online and can't find a way to do this Are there any other distinguishing features i can use to approximate the age of a Peavey Classic 50?

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The first year didn't have an FX loop Of course, this only applies to the heads I'm not sure about the combos. Peavey's customer service is generally fantastic. I can definately get some quack and spank out of it that you could never get with SS.

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I was afraid it would be too much amp for me since I am a living room hobbiest. It is definately loud, but sounds good at lower levels. It has all that round rich tube sound I have been gassing for! I emailed the serial number to Peavey last night and they already responded, it is a The guy I bought it from was the second owner and he was told the speaker and tubes are original.

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I don't think the speaker is because it is unmarked unless the label came off and the number painted on the cone does not match the Blue Marvel number, but who knows. When someone posted yesterday that I should start looking for a replacement speaker I was worried because I didn't want to start spending money on modding it. I have no complaints about the speaker that is in there now. I downloaded the owner's manual.

Classic 30 Question

I have never had to use and effects loop input, I have always just put pedals between the guitar and the input jack. I have only used the V-amp with headphones as a "virutal amp". I know you guys love pics, so here goes. Midnightblues , Jan 11, Jul 15, Messages: Congrats on your new amp!

Is this the one with the 15" speaker? I play mostly clean, so I was looking for that sparkling 3D sound and a warm jazzy blues sound.

Peavey Classic 50 Serial Number Dating

I can definately get that with my strat. As far as speaker size goes, I don't have a lot to compare it to, but it does sound very open and clear.

I probably should not compare a 12" in a solid state vs. Tonight I'm getting together with a friend who has a Crate Palamino 16 with a 12" speaker and I will get back to you with that comparison! Jul 23, Messages: