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I was very wrong and it was one of the most fun and supportive relationships I'd ever been in.

5 Reasons Why Going on a Date With That Disabled Dude Will Totally Be Worth It

It's always something different in terms of reaction. I'm currently on Tinder. I've met some great and not so great people on there. I used to not disclose my disability on dating profiles because I wanted to see the most honest reactions to my disability.

Now, I fully disclose and it's taken a lot of the awkwardness out of the experience for me. It's been pretty good for the most part. Communication starts on day one with a person with disability. It shouldn't be a job interview.

Dating is a weird thing: and being too picky for a cripple? — Scope | Disability forum

Just be aware that there may be things that are done in a different way, and that's totally cool. Disabled people should be acknowledged as viable partners and people capable of relationships, if they want them. And take every stereotype you've ever heard about a woman with a disability and throw it away.

At the end of the day, we're all just looking for a connection in some way, and that's just human. Fixed, the movie - fixedthemovie. Wait staff asking my non-disabled date what I wanted for dinner — that killed the mood for sure. I also had one guy assume that my girlfriend was my daughter, I suspect in part because I was using my cane that day.

For all of us. The most annoying part was the condescending attitudes of other people who felt it was their business to react, publicly, by saying things like, 'Isn't it great you found each other? Be open to learning what you don't know. Make sure the place you want to go to is accessible before asking somebody out. Relationships are complicated enough, and there is no need to make matters worse by showing up to a place with five flights of stairs or flashing lights for someone who has revealed to you that they have seizures.

Don't automatically refuse to date another disabled person, just because that's what people expect you to do. By the same token, don't assume that simply because someone else is disabled that you'll be a good match either. What else do you have in common?

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Talking about lack of access can get boring very quickly. In my adult life, most of the issues that have emerged in my relationships have been more about who is doing the dishes than they've been about any kind of issue related to me having cerebral palsy.


That is, I suspect, as it should be. Adam Bouska - bouska. Being a triple minority is HARD. What could be more different than your date rolling in the bar through the backdoor in their tricked out pound chariot? Don't lie, as you watch them coming towards you commanding their chair with confidence -- you can't help but getting a tingle in your nether regions. On the handful of dates I have been on, people have told me that I have a sick, yet hilarious sense of humor.

I call myself a cripple pretty openly and make fun of the hilariously honest things that happen as a result of my disability This won't be the case for all of us, but I think once you see how deliciously dirty disability can in fact be, you'll be glad you said yes to that "cripple coffee". For the record, "friendtendant" is a combo of friend plus attendant that occurs when your friends help you out with crip stuff.

It has happened a few times now where people will blindly assume that my dates are my caregivers. Before all my fellow crips reading this go up in arms about how someone might use me because of this, not to worry. If you want to date me simply to get a free movie, we have other things we prob should discuss. In these instances, we have received free movie tickets, meals, etc. I'll totes pretend that you are my caregiver! When has free shit ever been turned down?

Sex & Dating While Disabled: Three Women Share What It's Really Like

It goes without saying that the majority of people are simply unaware to some of the things that we crips have to contend with. One of the benefits about going on a crip-tastical adventure date with us is that you will see this firsthand. You wanna go to that hip new karaoke bar, but it isn't noticeably accessible Here was a guy with enough decency to be open and honest with me instead of placating me and treating me like a breakable, fragile China doll. He was just trying to let himself off the hook. Why are men still looking at women with disabilities like we are weak creatures, confined to our beds all day, helpless and dependent on others for every little need, unable to work?

Women with disabilities are everywhere, and everywhere you want to be, so you just might as well stop even trying to outrun us.

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We have the same wants, passions, desires and gasp! Here are just a few of the things men have said about the prospect of dating a woman like me and what I would like to say to them in return. You expect me to believe the same guys who will spend hours planning and checking and re-checking their Fantasy Football lineup are lazy? Sure, you could probably get a date with any blonde beauty, but does she have a kick-ass sense of humor? Can she name all 50 states in the U. Might I refer you to a professional?